A high proportion of all accidents at metalworking lathes involve the use of emery cloth and result in injuries such as broken and, occasionally, amputated fingers. The Health & Safety Executive have deemed it no longer acceptable to use hand held emery cloth for polishing on lathes. The solution to this problem is the simple & effective sanding belt holder from Monfort, available from Solon Systems who are the UK Distributors.

The Prismont MST – SBH (patent pending) sanding belt holder from Solon Systems is simple, effective, portable and safe.

It is mounted into the lathe tool post and the abrasive belt is simply slipped over the rollers.

The hand wheel is used to index the belt. Three models are available with 1.0”, 2.0” & 4.0” wide belts for polishing from 85 to 423 mm dia shafts.   

Full operating instructions available on request.

Follow Youtube link to watch video demonstration