Lathe Guards

Please select a Lathe Guard below to start purchasing online, don’t forget if there is a particular lathe guard you require and you can’t find it just get in touch on 0121 603 1235 and there is a good chance we will be able to meet your lathe guard requirements.

It is a legal requirement under PUWER 98 fit guards to protect machine operators from coming into contact/entanglement with dangerous rotating parts of a lathe (chuck/rotating spindles) and ejected parts.

A comprehensive range of lathe chuck guards from several lathe guarding manufacturers to suit virtually all types and sizes of lathe including Colchester, DSG, Harrison, Crawford Swift & TOS Lathes are available from Solon Systems Ltd with or without electrical interlock systems.

Specially designed lathe guards are also available. Specialists are on hand to assist. Contact . Solon Systems aim to provide practical and cost effective solutions to your lathe guarding requirements – hinged chuck guards, sliding chuck guards, saddle mounted chip guards, leadscrew guards and spindle covers.

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