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Machine / Work Lights

It is a requirement of the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 that the places of work have sufficient lighting. Solon Systems is able to offer a range of machine/work lights.quartz halogen and the latest LED technology to meet most environments (machine tools, industrial machinery, medical inspection, work bench, production line etc).
Quartz halogen lamps offer high lighting efficiency which via the reflecting lens concentrates the light onto the working object. They are available in voltages from 240/120v and are fitted with electronic transformers for high power transmission. Low voltage 12 or 24v are most popular for safety reasons. They are rated to IP20 protection. The Universal Halogen Lamps are fitted with coil transformers resisting unstable voltages and are know for long service life.
Quartz halogen machine lights are available with several combinations of adjustable arm lengths with various mounting plate options and lens grid providing soft
illumination with eye irritation. They are also available with flexible “goose neck” arms for long reach in any direction.

The latest LED economical machine light/work light is now available. They have high output efficiency,and very long life expectancy and low running costs.